Apple launches Live Photos feature for the web

Back in 2015, Apple first introduced its fun Live Photos with iPhone 6 series and since then people have been eagerly waiting for its Web launch. Though, Tumblr was the first one to introduce Live Photos on to its website last September, Apple has also finally launched an official JavaScript API to brings Live photos feature to the web.


With the latest update, developers will now be able to use the API to share Live Photos playback on iOS, MacOS, and now also on the web.

On its developer portal, Apple says, “This new JavaScript-based API makes it easy to embed Live Photos on your websites. In addition to enabling Live Photos on iOS and MacOS, you can now let users display their Live Photos on the web.”

With the latest update, developers will add their Live Photo as a DOM element like any other photo or video. They’ll be able to control how long their media should play, or if they should only play if end users hover over a “LIVE” button in the Live Photo’s top right corner.

“The JavaScript API presents the player in the form of a DOM element, much like an image or video tag, which can be configured with photo and video resources and other options, and have its playback controlled either programmatically by the consuming developer, or via pre-provided controls by the browsing end-user,” Apple further explains.

To make the photos go live, simply hover your mouse over the “Live” you see on the top right-hand corner of the picture.

Though, Tumblr was the first to fully integrate the format last fall, but Google was the first to store Live Photos online over a year ago with an update to its Google Photos app for iOS.

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