Beware of this type of OTP-related cyber crime

Of late, cyber criminals are using innovative methods to hoodwink their victims. Even in the era of One-Time Passwords, nobody is safe from falling prey to online thefts.


As per those involved in investigating cyber crimes, a new method has come into existence. “The cyber criminal calls up from a mobile number that is pretty much close to your number. He tells you that you will receive an OTP because he pressed your number instead of his by mistake. Since the mobile number bears some eerie resemblance to yours, you believe his words and give your number.

That might actually be the OTP to your bank account,” a report says.

Earlier this year, many IT employees in Bengaluru fell prey to a similar OTP-related crime. Fake bank employees would call up their targets and ask for Credit Card number and CVV. Through either malware or by tricking the victim to reveal the OTP, the criminal successfully steals money.