Coming soon: A wearable AC smaller than a mobile phone

Be honest and admit it that at times when the sun is scorching down and the mercury is rising, in that searing heat have you not wished for an air-conditioner that you can carry with you all the time? Well, if the answer is yes – and we are sure it would be a yes – then it looks like your prayers have been answered.According to a video posted by South China Morning Post, Sony has developed a ‘wearable’ air-conditioner and has launched a crowdfunding project “for such a device.


”The said air-conditioner releases warmth and cool through a small rear panel. Called Reon Pocket, it is claimed to be smaller than a mobile phone.However, the device can only be used with a “special undershirt”. The undershirt will be sold with the device. What’s more the temperature of this AC can be controlled through a smartphone. If that’s not ‘cool’ enough then it also has a mechanism where it sets the right temperature automatically.

The video states that the technology adopted in the AC is based on Peltier element which is used in car and wine coolers.This battery-operated device can last for 90 minutes after two hours of charging. So far, the crowdfunding project has reportedly raised close to $200,000 in just two days. If you’re intrigued and wondering if it will cost too much, then you might be in for a surprise. The wearable AC is priced at $130 which is roughly Rs 9,200. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a catch and that is that it will be sold only in Japan.At least that’s what the video says. The product has reportedly become a big social media sensation in China as of now.

One must, however, keep in mind that quite often crowdfunding projects don’t see the light of the day and end up being concepts. Here’s one concept that a lot of people would be hoping that becomes a mainstream product.


Source:- gadgetsnow