FuboTV may be your best option for watching the World Cup finals

Admittedly, streaming video can still be a bit of a crapshoot. Do you have the right hardware? Do you have the right service? Do you have a good enough internet connection? Will your home network hiccup? And just how good is the source video in the first place? Is it compressed to within an inch of its life? Is 4K resolution eschewed for something lesser?


It is — or at least it can be — a mess.

But we’ve had a beacon of hope during the latter stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. (The men’s edition, anyway; the women play in two more years.) FuboTV — one of the lesser-known but extremely sports-friendly streaming services — is showing all of the remaining games in 4K resolution, and you really have no excuse to not give it a shot. Here’s why:

First: FuboTV is available on just about everything. It’s got a channel on Roku. It’s got an Apple TV app. It’s got an Amazon Fire TV app. And while there’s no Android TV app, you can stream over Chromecast (on iOS as well as Android). I’ve done it both with a Chromecast Ultra and NVIDIA Shield TV.

Second: FuboTV has a free seven-day trial. The World Cup Final is on July 15. Do that math.

I’m usually an over-the-air kinda person. But in this case, I’m streaming. Because 4K trumps 1080i any day of the week.




Source:- imore