Google Photos’ People Folders Disappearing for Some Users; Google Working on a Fix

Some users are reporting the disappearance of their ‘People’ folders in Google Photos. This folder essentially curates all the faces that keep appearing in your photos, and segregates them into a different folders for easy exploration at a later date. While some users are still able to see it, albeit with lots of photos missing, for many it isn’t showing up at all.

The complaints have been posted on Google’s product forum, with many users reiterating the same issue. While some users claim that they can’t see any list of people, some users say “that the list of people is now very short and missing many people.”

“This is happening to a lot of people, including me. My people album showed back up this morning, but none of people were named and my custom merging / hiding was all missing,” a user named Brettp wrote on the forum.

Google has acknowledged the issue, and is working on a fix. This means that Google is not killing off the ‘People’ folder secretly, but it’s actually just a bug that is causing the issues. The company has also recommended checking if the ‘Face grouping’ option is off, as turning Face grouping off will delete face groups in your account. To switch on Face grouping, open the Google Photos app. At the top left, tap Menu > Settings > Face grouping > On.

To check if you’re affected by the bug, head over to Google Photos and search for the People folder. As usual, Google has not announced any tangible timeline for the fix, so you’ll have to keep checking the forums page to see if Google has managed a fix or not. For now, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

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