Govt introduces online Registration for High-Security Number Plates

The government has launched an online portal for the citizens who wants to apply for a high-security number plates for their vehicle (HSRP).

The decision is made in the light of the fact that due to pandemic the vehicle owners are facing problems in doing the same.

What is High-Security Number Plate?

On June 1st, 2005 the government of India introduced the concept of High-Security Number plates. These number plates are to be fitted onto a new vehicle which makes them easy to track when lost and adds a layer of security.

The HSRP can only be fitted by a government-approved facility as they have a snap-lock, which breaks the number instantly when someone tries to remove it.

It also comes with a chromium-based plate that is hard to tamper with and a hologram that is hot stamped onto the plate itself with information about the chassis number and engine number of your car.

This very installation makes the car a tad bit secure due to the reason that in case some tried to steal your vehicle, they need to swap the number plates. And at first, they’d be faced with difficulty in removing the old one.

And later on can be caught based on the new number plate that they install, for HSRP are uniquely made for every vehicle, and it’s easy to spot the wrong one while matching the details with the database……….Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz