Here’s how-to Unlock Your Facebook Account without ID Proof

Meta owned Facebook has huge user base where sometimes users get locked out of their Facebook accounts for several reasons. If you are one of those people whose account has been locked by Facebook, worry not. Read this guide, and it’ll help you unlockyour Facebook account.

Why was my Facebook account locked?

The simple answer to why was your Facebook account locked is you broke some rules or regulations set by Facebook. While we will help resolve your issue, you need to know why Facebook locked your account in the first place. If you know the reasons, you can avoid these mistakes in the future and won’t have to scour the internet again for ways to unlock your Facebook account. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Here’s a list of all the potential reasons for Facebook locking your account:

Your account is seen performing any suspicious activity.

Spreading hate or misinformation on Facebook in posts, stories, comments, etc.

Sending Friend requests to multiple people and exceeding the daily amount.

If your Facebook account is logged in on multiple devices simultaneously.

How to unlock your Facebook account

Now that you know some of the reasons for Facebook locking you out of your account let us dive into how you can unlock your account.

Unlock your Facebook account with ID Proof number

One of the easiest methods to recover your temporarily locked Facebook account is submitting an appeal to Facebook with your identity details. However, do note that you can only submit this appeal up to 30 days from the day your account was locked. After 30 days, your account will be permanently disabled…Read more>>