Here’s How to withdraw cash from SBI ADWM

State Bank of India is India’s largest commercial lender in terms of profits, assets, deposits, branches and employees. With millions of customers across the country, there is often a queue at State Bank of India ATMs to withdraw cash. However, there is no need to queue at ATMs as you can withdraw cash from SBI’s Automated Deposit and Withdrawal Machine (ADWM).


Just like how you withdraw the money from an ATM, the procedure of withdrawing cash is same with the ADWM. In order to withdraw cash, all you need to do is swipe the card into the machine and enter your PIN.

Explaining about the machine and process, SBI tweeted, “Why stand in ATM queue when you have ADWM to your rescue? Use our ADWM and withdraw cash quickly”. The lender also shared a 22-second small video clip explaining about ADWM. “We all have used this machine to deposit cash but we can even withdraw money from these machines,” the bank said.

Note that SBI offers cash deposit and withdrawal service without the customer required to even visit the bank branch or any ATM. As per the lender, there are more than 13,000 ADWMs installed across the country.

How to withdraw cash from SBI ADWM:

  • Go into any SBI ADWM in your locality with your debit card
  • Insert your debit card into the ADWM.
  • From the available options select banking.
  • Select your preferred language and press the next button.
  • Enter your ATM PIN number.
  • Select Cash Withdrawal from the options.
  • Type the amount to be withdrawn……….Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz