Is Your Whatsapp Number Banned – Here’s How To Unban Whatspp Number

Meta owned WhatsApp will ban your number or account permanently/temporarily if you violate their terms of services. So you must read them very carefully to avoid getting banned in the future. WhatsApp will display like “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp”, Contact support for help.

Reasons for Whatsapp Ban :-

1. Temporary

This type will be a time-based restriction from using WhatsApp which might lasts for 24 to 48 hours depending on the violation. WhatsApp automatically removes the ban once the time is completed. In this case you should be patient all those hours.

Anyway, Whatsapp users can his/her account as usual with few limitation. Messaging app will never issue a warning before they issue a ban on accounts. Thus you may need to stop doing what is suspicious to WhatsApp and avoid getting banned in the future.

2. Permanent

WhatsApp ban accounts if the account activity violates their terms of service. Meta owned Messaging app will never issue a warning before they issue a ban on accounts. In this case you have a chance to submit a request to get unbanned. Whatsapp will reply after you contact them regarding the reason if they think it is safe to unban your account they will remove restriction over the account in couple of hours.

Here is the reason for “WhatsApp Banned my Number”

Whatsapp has mentioned above their terms of services and if anyone violates them, then such accounts will receive ban permanently. Instant Messaging app is providing us the services for free and we should follow all terms and services of their.

Main Reasons for getting Banned in Whatsapp :-

  • Sharing Bulk Spam Messages
  • Inappropriate Links and Contents
  • Installing Mod Version of WhatsApp
  • Offensive Words in Chats
Process to get Unbanned from Whatsapp Temporary Ban :
After seeing “Temporarily Banned” after opening your Whatsapp app then wait for specific hours and then check the status of the ban. If your using MOD version fo Whatsapp then go with below steps :
  1. Click on Support option, mail app on your device will be opened.
  2. Write to the support team, mention your phone number.
  3. Now send the message and wait for 24 hours (may take longer).
  4. If it was a mistake by WhatsApp, they will remove the ban from your number.
  5. Remember, it depends on the policy violation.
Stop using MOD version of Whatsapp, in such cases uninstall it and go to playstore and download official Whatsapp app…Read more>>