Know all about PUBG Mobile Darkest Night mode

PUBG Mobile has been frequently pushing newer and better updates of late. The latest update brings with it several new weapons, ability to spectate any game, and the highly anticipated Darkest Night mode.

This new Zombie mode launches in the coming week and makes the gameplay a little tougher but definitely more interesting. Here’s all you need to know about PUBG Mobile Darkest Night.

PUBG Mobile Darkest Night mode :-

The beta version was already making waves but now PUBG has announced a stable release which has fans excited.

Notably, it brings with it a lot of changes including new modes, enhancements, and weapons.

There is a companion system that lets players have a companion/pet that mostly hovers around, hidden from opponents.

Playing with these companions earns XP that can unlock pet emotes.

New Zombie mode and newer Zombies

The new mode is called Darkest Night and will have players ‘Collect supplies during the day and fend off zombies at night. Survive until the rescue arrives to win!’

Zombies will arrive in waves and be able to climb walls and roofs and even jump. The new mode also introduces Zombie dogs.

This resembles the Left for Dead style time-attack survival mode.

The new mode brings new weapons and items

PUBG Mobile is all set to increase its firepower with the advent of an RPG-7 weapon (rocket launcher) which will spawn with six rockets, iron sights.

There’s also an explosive crossbow which explodes on impact and can blow up Zombies as well as vehicles.

Also, new Liquid Nitrogen grenades can freeze Zombies and slow their movement.

The flamethrower is more powerful now as well……….Read More>>


Source:- newsbytesapp