McDonald’s delivery: How you can order from Taunton’s restaurants without lifting a finger

Ever fancied a cheeky McDonald’s but can’t be bothered to move from your sofa? Good news.


Uber Eats is now offering Taunton residents the chance to buy McDonald’s and arrange home delivery without visiting either of its two restaurants.

This means you could order a ‘Maccy D’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner as the delivery service is available from 8am to midnight, seven days a week.

You can even check your order via live updates after you have placed your order.

Taunton McDonald's branch, based on Heron Gate

Customers can order from either the East Street and Heron Gate branches.

But there is a catch – you have to live within one-and-half miles of either restaurant.

Plus the meals come out slightly more expensive to cover the delivery costs.

How do I order?

Perhaps you should start ordering two burgers?

It’s very simple.

Visit the Uber Eats website on your computer or smartphone and select the McDonald’s branch

Here you can choose from a variety of food on McDonald’s menu, ranging from its breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Select the food you want and when you’re satisfied, click on checkout.

Choose your payment method and when the transaction is completed, you can sit back and rest.

You will have to wait 30-40 for your goodies.




Source:- somersetlive