Now Ration Cards will not be made without Income Certificate

Moradabad :- If you do not have income certificate then ration card will not be made. First get an income certificate, then apply online to make a ration card. Ration cards will be made for people with an annual income of two lakhs in rural areas and three lakhs in urban areas.


At present there was no compulsory income certificate in making ration cards. Only the family income had to be filled in the application. A ration card is created after other conditions are met. Everyone reaches to make a ration card.

The government has set a target of making ration cards. Ration card will be made for 73 percent of the families in rural areas and 64 percent in urban areas. The government has actually changed the rule to make ration cards of the poor. Those who make a ration card must first go to the tehsil and get a family income certificate. The certificate should also be issued online in place of the manual which will contain the registration number. Only those with an annual income of Rs 3 lakh in urban areas and Rs 2 lakh in rural areas will be able to apply online for making ration cards. Registration number in the application The date of issue of certificate and income will have to be filled…..Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz