PUBG Mobile giving players a recap of personal game play figures

PUBG Mobile recently marked its second anniversary and in order, hit some milestones like surpassing 600 million total downloads and 50 million daily active users. PUBG Mobile says that the figures do not include China. PUBG Mobile is now letting users revel in their past glory, offering a montage of career highs and lows from the last two years. The PUBG Mobile second anniversary recap is the ultimate throwback that gives users access to not only personal data but also never-before-seen PUBG Mobile gameplay numbers.


To access the personal gameplay data from the last two years, users can go to the Weekly sign-in page and enter the recap through the ‘PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Recap’ tab.

The recap of the gameplay gives users a snapshot of their career highlights such as total enemies killed, the total number of matches played, total minutes survived, and total chicken dinners so far. Once players have seen their highlights, the recap also shows how players died apart from being shot taking a dark turn in providing data.

Key highlights from PUBG Mobile game modes:

10.5 Billion Zombies were killed by players in their mission to survive till dawn

1.05 Billion players were infected by the virus and turned into Zombies

Only 1.77 Million players managed to survive the horrors of the Darkest Night

A whopping total of 5.40 Trillion shots were fired while combating the Team Deathmatch

119.2 Billion players were killed in 2019 Team Deathmatches

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