SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card: Transaction limits, benefits, complimentary insurance covers

New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest bank, offers a range of ATM-cum-debit cards, SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card is one of them. Each card issued by the State Bank of India has unique features, benefits and limitations. SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card offers designated rewards benefits and complimentary insurance covers. SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card earns 1 FreedomRewardz point (reward points) for every Rs 200 spent on shopping, dining out, fuel refilling, booking travel or on online expenses.


With SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card, a person is allowed to withdraw a maximum of Rs 2 lakh from ATMs in India, the withdrawal limit in foreign location varies from country to country which is subject to a maximum of the foreign currency equivalent of the domestic limit. The point of sale (PoS) transaction limit on SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card is fixed at Rs 5 lakh in a single day in India. The limit varies from country to country, subject to a maximum of foreign currency equivalent of Rs 5 lakh in a foreign country.

Maximum per transaction and per month limit of foreign currency equivalent of Rs 50,000 are available only at select international online websites, SBI said. A person having an SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card is allowed to deposit a maximum of Rs 49,900 in a day at cash deposit machines in India, however, cash deposits are not allowed via deposit machines in foreign countries.

Users can earn additional bonus reward points on the first, second and third transaction within completion of one calendar month of the issuance of SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card. According to SBI, users with SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card are entitled to complimentary airport lounge access, however, the terms & conditions of these facilities are governed by the respective card networks Visa or MasterCard. Users will receive instant SMS alerts for all cash withdrawal/purchase transactions/online transactions made on SBI premium ATM-cum-debit card.

The SBI Premium Debit Card (MasterCard/Visa) comes with complimentary insurance covers including Rs 5 lakh personal accident insurance (death) non-air, Rs 10 lakh personal air accidental insurance (death), up to Rs 50,000 for family transportation & transportation mortal remains, up to Rs 25,000 checked-in baggage loss cover, Rs 50,000 purchase protection cover and Rs 2 lakh lost card liability cover. SBI doesn’t levy any card issuance charges, however, the bank charges Rs 350+GST for annual maintenance and Rs 300+GST for the replacement of the card.