Traffic Police Warning To Students Riding Two-Wheelers

SRINAGAR — Traffic Police on Saturday warned strict action against students found riding two-wheelers without valid documents and crash helmets.


Sr. Superintendent of Police, Traffic, City Srinagar said it has been noticed that the students of different educational institutions within the limits of City Srinagar ride scooties/Motor cycles as a mode of transportation by violating various rules of Motor Vehicles Act.

In a statement, he said that the heads of the schools and parents are requested not to allow the school children to drive scooties/Motor cycles without crash helmet, driving licenses and other valid documents.

He has also requested the heads of the educational institutions to advise the students to follow the traffic rules properly.

He also appealed to the parents to ensure safety of their wards and that no children below the age of 18 years should be permitted to drive the two wheelers.

 SSP Traffic said the students falling in major age group should be permitted to drive two wheelers only if they are in possession of driving license, crash helmets and other valid documents.

“Two days after issuance of the advisory, if any student still found violating the rules shall be dealt strictly as per law,” he warned.

Source:- kashmirobserver