Validity of expired driving licences, vehicle registration extended

In order to prevent people from leaving their homes during the lockdown period, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has extended the validity of documents like driving licenses, permits and registration that expired since February 1.


In an advisory issued to all states and Union Territories, the Ministry has asked them to treat such documents as valid till June 30. The decision has been taken to facilitate people facing difficulties in renewing the validity of various motor vehicle documents due to 21-day nationwide lockdown in the country and closure of government transport offices.

Documents valid till June 30:

The list of documents include fitness, permits (all types), driving licence, registration or any other concerned document under the Motor Vehicle Rules. The ministry has requested all states to implement the advisory in “letter and spirit” so that the people, transporters and organisations rendering essential transport services do not get harassed and face difficulties.

What this extension means for you?

This extension would mean that if you have a driving license, the validity of which expires say on April 15, 2020, then your license would now remain valid till June 30 without you having to go to the RTO. The move comes as a relief for individuals who were facing difficulties to renew their documents, licences due to closure of government offices.

Note that, effective from September 1, 2019, hefty penalties had been introduced in the amended Motor Vehicles Act. Without this much-needed extension, driving your car with an expired licence would have cost you Rs 5,000…Read more>>